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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1st blog ever

i will begin this journey by first apologizing to my father in law because although i know he prefers when i use capital letter's and proper punctuation. as much as i admire and love this man....i honestly can't be arsed to keep hitting the caplocks button at the beginning of each sentence. so if lower case bother's you...i'll turn my head so you can sneak out. if read on, for inside my mind there lives a great great deal.

i aim to blog about my every day life. my kids, my husband will no doubt appear endlessly as they are the one's who i live for. i will begin by telling you how i got to my 30th year, the things that changed me, the critical choices, the long lost memories, my inability to take care of myself, my son, his gift, my healing, and finally my i found my place in it all.
a main part of my blog will be about autism as it is something my heart has had to fully absorb the impact of. another part of it will be about addiction &recovery as this too has been an enormous area of what i have survived and continue too.
mostly this blog will be full of evidence of a neurotic captive mother who in desperate times turned to her computer as a companion. some of me comes out in a painting every 10 years, some of me comes out in an angry screaming match to the bitch at TD for not transferring my rent like she confirmed she did, some of it comes out in guilt but most of it will come out in love. because if i am melted down and separated into parts....the container that would  have the most inside of it would be marked 'Love'. note the capitals.

so.... it would be ok with me for you to peek inside, as scandalous as it feels right now. it's good to breath out every so often, so it begins.....934 Feathers.


  1. HEZZIE HAS A BLOGGIE! WOWZA HEZZA! I look forward to reading it...

    Love, J

  2. Hezz. What does the 934 signify? Is that your house #?

    Love, Snoopy Friend

    ps- you are not neurotic. You are sensitive and conscientious. There is a difference.